Nicki Miller (pictured left with a Cherryland Ghostbuster)

“I moved to Traverse City from Charlotte, a small town southwest of Lansing, July 2020. I had family in this area growing up and have always wanted to move up here. Thanks to my husband for jumping on an opportunity to transfer up here, we were finally able to make that happen! ūüĎŹ

A brief history on me: My mother started working as a projectionist in 1998 so I like to say that I grew up in movie theaters. In 2007, I was finally able to start working at our local, historic movie theater. In 2018, my family bought that local, historic movie theater and I had been running it up until this past August. I had also worked briefly at a multiplex in Lansing before they closed down so I have experienced the best of both worlds!

Beyond that, I have two Associate’s degrees and various certifications in Digital Media, Audio, and Cinematography¬†ūü镬†and a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Communications¬†ūüó£. Also, while I was in college, I interned with an organization that consulted, programmed, managed, marketed, sponsored, and produced live events¬†ūüé∂¬†so I’m really looking forward to helping with that here at The Bay!

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