The Bay Theatre is a participating member of the national Cinema Safe program promoting protocols and guidelines developed and supported by leading epidemiologists to support a safe return to movie theaters. For more information:

As The Bay Theatre continues showing movies, we all have to remember to be diligent and to stay safe in our health practices.

We here at The Bay Theatre are doing everything we can to provide the same moviegoing experience that you know and love while keeping everyone safe. We want The Bay Theatre to be somewhere that you can go and lose yourself in a movie and not worry about all the crazy going on in the world today. 

Please, go over the following information as you plan your next visit to the Bay Theatre.


Planning your visit to The Bay

  1. Use your best judgment. If you aren’t feeling well, stay home and come see the movie another time.
  2. Don’t forget your mask! Masks are required for entry.
  3. Practice social distancing inside and outside the theatre.
  4. Seating is limited to only forty people per show. Recommend to purchase tickets online.
  5. Small group seating (2,3,4) will be available in the theatre on a first-come basis.
  6. Arrive fifteen to twenty minutes early to reduce congestion outside and in the lobby.
  7. Health Department requires the theatre to collect contact information. Be prepared to give your full contact information when purchasing tickets.

When At the Bay

  1. Customers will only be allowed into the lobby a half an hour before the published showtime of a movie.
  2. All members of a party must be present to enter the lobby and be seated 
  3. Only enter through the glass door.
  4. Markings on the sidewalk and lobby floor six feet apart will indicate where to stand while waiting for admittance.
  5. All parties must check in or purchase tickets from the POS station.
  6. Only one party (people in the same group) at a time at the POS station. 
  7. Masks must be worn at all times within the building. Masks can temporarily be lowered or removed to consume concession items only while seated in the theatre.
  8. Cover your mouth and nose with tissue or inside of elbow when sneezing or coughing
  9. Avoid close contact with others by allowing at least six feet between fellow theatre goers outside of your party. 
  10. Comply with socially distant seating. Available seating will be designated in the theatre. Small group seating (2,3,4) will be available in the theatre on a first come first served basis.
  11. When the movie concludes, let groups sitting nearest to the door leave before you to avoid congestion in the aisle. 
  12. Exit only through the nearest wooden double doors.

How we are keeping The Bay safe

  1. Regular cleaning and disinfection between shows. Our staff and volunteers clean and disinfect all touchable surfaces in the entrance, lobby, concessions, and theatre seating between every show to ensure a safe experience.
  2. All staff and volunteers will review and sign a form stating they have been feeling healthy and haven’t had any contact or exposure to COVID-19.
  3. Protective Sneeze shields have been installed to keep our staff and volunteers, as well as movie patrons safe.
  4. New POS system to streamline your ticket ordering and minimize contact between us while you purchase tickets and concessions.
  5. Markings on the floor six feet apart will indicate where to stand while waiting in line.
  6. Six feet markings on theatre aisles for entering and exiting the theatre.
  7. Seating has been adjusted to match social distancing guidelines, any groups larger than four will have to sit apart.
  8. Condiment station (flavored popcorn salts & straws) is now the sanitization station. Condiments available at concessions.
  9. Our bathrooms have been refreshed! Thank you to the volunteers and staff who worked on this improvement. 

Updated: 11/05/2020

COVID-19 Seating Diagram