Coming Soon

The following list is a sample of films we are working to secure for your entertainment.

This list is subject to change due to studio distribution. Not all films listed here will come to the Bay Community Theatre.

Films are typically confirmed by Tuesday to open on Friday. Please check the status of films on Tuesday night.

Click an image for showtimes, movie previews and event details.

Stay tuned!

We are hard at work arranging wonderful new films for you.   As you can imagine, the transition of the theatre to our new non-profit community-run group requires much coordination (and paperwork, etc) with the movie studios and distributors.

Thank you for your patience.
We’re on it and will have new movies ready to announce soon.

Proud to bring great films, music, and special events to the Bay Community Theatre in Suttons Bay, MI!

 The Bay Community Theatre continues to provide an innovative selection of mainstream, indie, and foreign films.
The BCT remains committed to its role as a meeting place where the arts and the community come together.