Couples that volunteer together have fun.

Date Night & Community Service

Couples that volunteer on the weekend can watch the movie together when they work concessions before the movie and help clean the theatre after the movie.

Couples can volunteer for a matinee or evening performance on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.

To volunteer for Date Night and Community Service please email:

We need your help!

The Bay Community Theatre is a non-profit organization.  With the exception of a couple of technical part time employees, the Theatre is operated solely by Volunteers in the Community. 

The number of volunteers needed to vary with the type of work and the time of year.  Click the following link for a current list of the different volunteer opportunities currently available:

Volunteer Opportunities

If interested in volunteering, please complete the following signup form:

Volunteer Signup form.

Someone will contact you in the near future.

We truly appreciate all Volunteers who step forward to keep this Theatre OPEN.

If you have any further questions or information, please send an email to:

Thank YOU for supporting the Bay Community Theatre.