Tim Allen Hosts Premiere of Toy Story 4

Tim Allen, actor and comedian, will appear at the Bay Community Theatre in Suttons Bay, MI on June 20th for a special, pre-release premiere of Toy Story 4. Allen, a long time booster of Michigan life, is the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the animated feature film which opens nationally a day later on June 21st

“We are thrilled Tim Allen is supporting The Bay Community Theatre with this special movie event. Tim loves northern Michigan and understands the great value our local theatre provides to the community” says Rick Andrews, Board President of the Bay Community Theatre.

The actor agreed to the special event in Suttons Bay to show support for the local theatre which was set to close last year until a group of concerned citizens
jumped in to save it. The Bay Community Theatre is now a non-profit organization supported by volunteers, a small paid staff, and financial help from
individuals and local businesses.

The special movie event will begin at 6pm on June 20th.

Tim Allen will introduce Toy Story 4, take questions from the audience, and have some special surprises
to share. Special fundraising items will be offered and donations to the non-profit Bay Community Theatre will be kindly encouraged.